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Are you prepared for the new English curriculum that your child will be facing from 2017? Are you fully aware of all the literacy skills that are needed in order for your child to succeed in all areas of the curriculum? Are you looking for a friendly, experienced English tutor who is as passionate as you are about the progress of your child?

If so, Swansea Tuition Centre could provide you with the support and guidance required for your child to achieve his or her potential.

What Happens at a Typical Class Session?

At Swansea Tuition Centre, we offer English tuition from Monday to Thursday between 4:00 pm and 8:20 pm; split into three 80-minute sessions. Each session will provide a variety of learning activities covering all the literacy skills, including oracy, reading and writing, along with some computer-based work. Our approach helps your child to focus as a session is divided into short, stimulating activities. It also helps the learning to be enjoyable.

To establish the appropriate level of work for your child, we provide a free assessment. This allows us to design an accurate and specific learning plan for each pupil, as they all have individual needs. We aim to address any gaps in their learning and to extend and challenge them appropriately.

We keep abreast of developments in the National Curriculum, and cater for all ages and abilities from non-readers up to GCSE/A level. We target all areas of literacy, including handwriting, reading, comprehension, spelling and punctuation.

What do you think? C in English, the highest I could get, and a B in Maths, the highest I could get. Without your help I would never had done it. Even though I didn’t want a tutor, I’m so glad I did. – Lisa

At both Primary and Secondary level, we target all aspects of writing, including all text types, descriptive writing, persuasive writing, story writing, informal letters and leaflets. We also work on proof reading, editing, inferring and so on.

At Secondary level, we also work on literature texts, poetry and all aspects of the GCSE examination requirements.

Books and an iPad

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Progress?

Our English tutors are happy to talk to you about your child’s performance after the class sessions. Assessments are carried out at certain points of the term to check and support the progress of our learners.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in Swansea Tuition Centre and help increase their chances of success at school, please contact us by phone on 01792 700111, or send us a message on the Contact Us page and one of our tutors will be in touch with you.