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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Swansea Tuition Centre offer?

Individual tuition in a small group setting, in either Maths or English for all primary and secondary school children. Children follow their own individual specially designed programme of work. We guarantee that your child will always be taught by professionally qualified tutors.

How do I know whether my child needs tuition?

We offer a student assessment and parent consultation. The assessment will determine your child’s current abilities with regard to the standards set by the National Curriculum. We can then advise the most appropriate way forward.

How would my child benefit from tuition?

Our individual programmes of tuition are designed to build a strong educational foundation for each child, which we can build upon to develop their education at an appropriate pace. Each student has their own desk, their own computer and their own individual programme of work. They will work with a dedicated tutor. The centre operates in a small group environment (no more than 4 students) which helps the students feel part of a group rather than being singled out. This environment provides encouragement and builds self-confidence.

How much work is computer based?

Approximately 25 to 30%. We encourage students to write their work in exercise books, showing their working out. This is the only way to investigate errors and styles of working. Although schools now seem to encourage students to do everything in their heads, it can often hide underlying problems. Of course, if the students had their way, they would do everything on the computer!

How long do lessons last?

Lessons last for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Most students come once a week and a few come twice a week.

How long would my child be expected to stay?

There are many factors to consider: the need, the student’s level of ability, the cost and the required outcome. Students can stay as long as they like and their place will be reserved. For children wishing to pass an exam, then the sooner they start, the better. For students wishing to pass their GCSEs, then we would recommend starting in Year 10. For those struggling at school, then now.

You will soon see an improvement. You can talk to your child’s teacher each week to discuss your child’s work and request specific topics your child needs help with.

It is always best to call us for the appropriate advice.

How do you compare to other providers?

We always employ qualified teachers and not instructors. We also use a multi-sensory approach to teaching. We ensure each lesson has a variety of 6 or more activities, rather than a lot of repetition. Our tutors concentrate on each student’s individual needs and do not expect parents to act as tutors at home. We only use our own dedicated centre, rather than someone’s home or hall. Our materials are carefully selected to meet the National Numeracy and Literacy strategies.

How much does it cost?

The lesson costs £27.50 for the 80 minutes. Discounts are available for paying a term in advance and also for families taking two or more lessons per week.

Is it one-to-one?

We are constantly asked this question. Historically, it has been the impression that one-to-one tuition must be the best, but that was when home tuition was all that was available. This is no longer true. In today’s world, one-to-one is not considered the safest way to tutor a child.

Research has shown that children tend to learn better when they in small groups rather than on their own. They tend to feel more at ease when there are other children with them.

Would you come to my home?

No. Home tuition has too many distractions. Whether it be your home or the tutor’s, there will always be distractions such as other children, television, games or pets. Children much prefer to come to our centre where they can get away from home distractions and have a variety of resources at their disposal.

Will my child be safe?

Yes. All our teachers have a valid CRB certificate and they are all professionally qualified.

Children are not allowed to leave the centre until a parent or guardian collects them, unless we have an agreed arrangement with a parent.